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Major victories for nearly all of our endorsed candidates

Make no mistake: Tuesday’s Illinois primary election was historic for the progressive movement—locally and nationally. Thanks to your hard work and financial support, Our Revolution Illinois/Chicago helped deliver major victories for nearly all of our endorsed candidates in Cook County. These victories are re-shaping the political landscape—changing the Democratic Party,  and positioning us well for the upcoming Chicago mayoral and aldermanic elections.

Let’s highlight a few races:

Fritz Kaegi for Cook County Assessor  We organized early to bring attention to the corrupt Cook County property tax system and helped put together a coalition that delivered a historic win for Fritz. There’s still more to do: Joe Berrios remains chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party and it’s time for him to go.

Chuy’s team  We enthusiastically supported Chuy Garcia for Congress, Alma Anaya for County Commissioner and Aaron Ortiz and Delia Ramirez for State Representative, who all won their races.

Illinois will send Chuy, a national leader on immigration reform, to Washington DC at a critical juncture for this movement.

Young Aaron Ortiz defeated long-time incumbent Dan Burke, one of the most powerful machine committeemen, whose brother is Alderman Ed Burke, chairman of the Chicago City Council Finance Committee.

Alma Anaya also defeated a machine candidate and will replace Chuy on the Board of Commissioners.

In a heated four-way race, which included a pro-charter school candidate, Delia Ramirez won nearly 50% of the vote.

Brandon Johnson for Cook County Commissioner  There isn’t anyone better prepared than Brandon, a public school teacher and organizer for the Chicago Teachers Union, to champion the interests of working men and women from his seat on the Cook County Board.

Ram Villivalam for State Senate  Ram defeated twenty-year incumbent State Senator Ira Silverstein and will be the first South Asian-American elected to the state legislature. He was supported by a wide coalition of labor groups, community organizations, and elected officials.

Now’s the time to build on these progressive successes  We must continue to press on to the November state elections and next year’s Chicago mayoral and aldermanic battles. You can help with a contribution of $10 or more. We stand for Medicare for All, a living wage, campaign finance reform, and honesty and transparency in government. Join us in this fight.


Clem Balanoff and Abdelnasser Rashid
Co-Chairs, Our Revolution Illinois/Chicago

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