Supporting candidates who will change the perilous direction Illinois, Chicago, and America are headed

Our Revolution was established by people who organized Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in Illinois,

Over many years, Democratic and Republican politicians have subverted the American system in ways that allow the labor of the many to be exploited for the benefit of the few.

Left behind were those who built our highways, formed the backbone of American manufacturing, took care of the sick and aged, and fought our wars.

Enormous increases in income inequality over the past three decades impact nearly every aspect of our lives—including who controls government and the economy.

Billionaires like the Koch brothers, the Waltons, and Ken Griffin fund right wing think tanks, run astroturf issue campaigns, and bankroll conservative politicians to get them elected. Wall Street, big pharma, and similar interest groups back the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party.

A cynical electorate—and broken political system—made Donald Trump president. Yet Bernie Sanders is the most popular national politician.

Our Revolution Illinois—based on the ideas that drew millions of people to Bernie’s campaign—is continuing the fight. We need a new type of Democratic Party; persuasive reframing of political issues; and campaign finance reform so candidates who stand for the common good can be elected. If only billionaires and millionaires have a chance at winning public office, our democracy is gone.

We’re the wealthiest country in the world. We can invest that wealth so that everyone has a good chance at success, lives in a safe neighborhood, attends well-funded schools, has good healthcare, and receives decent pay for the work they do.

There’s a lot more many than there are few. We can make America great for all of us.


We need a new type of Democratic Party, persuasive reframing of political issues, and campaign finance reform so candidates who stand for the common good can be elected.

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