American democracy is seeing a revitalization in voter engagement, education, and action.

Our Revolution Illinois is dedicated to supporting these grassroots efforts and connecting us together in a stronger, larger, progressive statewide presence that can effectively advocate for change on the local, state, and national level together.

Local group qualifications


A local group may qualify as an affiliated chapter of the statewide organization if it has a minimum of ten active members.

Becoming an ORIL chapter is a great way for already active organizations, which may possess a pre-existing name, membership, and platform to connect with a statewide progressive network that can advance issues on a larger scale. If your organization tackles a broad range of issues or is focused on a few specific ones, if there is agreement between your mission and values and those of ORIL, we invite you to join us to amplify your voice and vision.

Geographic presence

ORIL local chapters must have a clear geographic presence. For example, it is common for chapters to establish themselves according to the county they are in. Chapters can also affiliate their presence with cities, regions, or any other suitable geographic distinction.


Local groups must convene at least quarterly in order to be considered an active ORIL chapter. It is recommended to establish a regular date and location where the group can meet. For example, many groups meet once or twice a month at a common public location.


It is important that a ORIL local chapters have a platform which is tailored to the needs and interests of the group’s membership or intended audience.

To determine the social and political pillars of a group’s platform, it is recommended that the group examine how its membership or intended audience is engaged by already existing groups in the area. Are there gaps that need to be filled or alliances that need to be made? How could an ORIL chapter better achieve shared objectives with existing groups? Answering questions such as these will likely be helpful when establishing a platform.

What ORIL can provide affiliated chapters

The statewide Our Revolution Illinois organization can offer local chapters assistance with virtual outreach, recommendations for organizing, and connections to help the group network with relevant groups or leaders in the area. Through our connections with the Our Revolution National, Our Revolution Illinois can also provide local chapters with resources which assist in promoting more advanced outreach to a wider audience.

Outside of developmental resources, Our Revolution Illinois provides a statewide network where progressive organizations can connect, collaborate, and concentrate their power. Through collective engagement, Our Revolution Illinois offers those involved in progressive politics and grassroots organizing an outlet to make their voices heard, ultimately having a strong impact on both state and national politics.

The activity and engagement of a group’s respective community members is the responsibility of the local chapter.

How to affiliate as an ORIL chapter

Once the aforementioned qualifications have been fulfilled, the group may send the statewide ORIL organization an email detailing its geographic presence, its meeting schedule, and a synopsis of its platform. At that point, ORIL will set up a call between the group and and Our Revolution Illinois leadership to talk about the possibility of official affiliation.

If all the qualifications are met, ORIL will then send the group a questionnaire to fill out and submit to be officially registered as an Our Revolution local chapter.

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