State Central Committee

Our Revolution Illinois is very excited to announce our endorsement of the State Central Committee slate of candidates! These individuals ran as Bernie Delegates or have been super-Bernie volunteers in our state.

Transforming the party is and has been a major priority of the Our Revolution mission and agenda, and that requires getting progressives into state leadership.

The State Central Committee is the governing body of the Illinois Democratic Party. One male and one female are elected from each congressional district. In our state of Illinois, national DNC members are selected ONLY by the State Central Committee.

This slate of candidates are committed to

  • ‍Transparency about what is happening at the state level
  • Standing up for our values
  • Insisting on democratic deliberation before important votes
  • Opening up participation within the party
  • Listening to the grassroots
  • Representing voters, NOT special interests
  • Pushing for a progressive state party platform
  • Supporting progressive candidates for DNC membership and endorsements
  • Lean on current DNC members to support party reforms (ex. Unity Reform Commission)
  • Helping progressive candidates in our district

This system stays in place only because good people do nothing to try to change it. Support the progressive change we need to transform the leadership of Illinois.

Rebecca Davies

State Central Committeewoman, 3rd Congressional District

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Rebecca Davies was a delegate to the 2016 Democratic Convention for Bernie Sanders. She currently serves on the La Grange Village Environmental Quality Control Commission. Prior to that she was elected to the District 102 School Board. She is the Illinois State Co-coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America and has been active in local, state and federal elections for many years. She currently supports her neighbor, Marie Newman, in her primary challenge to incumbent Dan Lipinski.

Melissa Lindberg

State Central Committeewoman, 5th Congressional District

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Melissa Lindberg has been a part of the leadership of Northside Democracy of America (NDFA) since its founding in 2005. Since 2011, she has served as Chair of the organization (currently Co-chair). NDFA's mission is to elect socially progressive, fiscally responsible, and ethically committed Democrats to all levels of government, and both NDFA and Melissa enthusiastically supported Bernie's campaign for president.

Ross Outten

State Central Committeeman, 5th Congressional District


Running for committeeman in the 5th district is a challenge Ross took on because he believes that before Democrats can defeat Donald Trump and the radical, right wing agenda of the Republican party, they must first make substantive changes and reforms to their own processes and platform. He is proud to join with Melissa Lindberg and committee-person candidates all over Illinois who are standing up for progressive values and vital party reforms. 

Jesse Medina, Jr.

State Central Committeeman, 6th Congressional District


A custodian/maintenance worker in public schools, Jesse Medina, Jr. is a proud blue collar and working class public sector union member. As an elected union steward and member of several union-wide committees in Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 73, he is very active in the labor movement. Jesse ran as an Bernie Sanders Delegate during the 2016 Illinois Primary, receiving more votes than any other Sanders candidate in his district. He is the Vice President of the Aurora chapter of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) – a national labor union constituency group.

Maggie Wunderly

State Central Committeewoman, 11th Congressional District

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Maggie is running for this position because she believes that the Illinois Democratic Party needs grassroots representation. She wants to open up participation in the party and keep her district informed about what is happening at state level. She feels strongly that the party should always represent the voters, not special interests. She has pledged to stand up for the voters in her district and insist on open democratic deliberation when making important party decisions. She will put her political organizing experience to good use helping local candidates in her district.

Pamella Gronemeyer, M.D.

State Central Committeewoman, 13th Congressional District

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Pamella Gronemeyer, M.D. is a physician and a small business owner. She takes pride in the fact that her hard work insures that her employees have excellent health insurance for themselves and their families without paying any premium or deductible. She is an involved single payer activist who works nonstop for its implementation. She is the Co-President of PNHP IL and the Vice President of the board for the Illinois Single Payer Coalition. As an activist, she is the organizer of a progressive group in Edwardsville, IL that was begun in 2005. She has been a longtime member of PDA and is the Co-State Coordinator for PDA IL.

Alison Squires

State Central Committeewoman, 14th Congressional District

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Alison is running for State Central Committee because she feels the Democratic Party needs to be more welcoming to progressive candidates. Alison believes the Democratic Party needs to represent voters, not special interests. Illinois’ State Central Committee selects the state’s Democratic Party chair, vice chairs, the DNC members that represent our state, and writes our state’s platform. Alison would ensure that platform would include progressive issues such as Medicare for All, a $15 per hour state minimum wage, affordable college, and much more. Alison would ensure that our state has progressive representation.

Peter Janko

State Central Committeeman, 14th Congressional District

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Peter Janko is one of the many first timers that took up Sen. Bernie Sanders’ call to run for office. A lifetime activist, Peter began working toward a better planet as far back as the 1970s. While still in his teens, he became involved in the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War protests, and the ecology movement (as it was known as back then). Peter is founder of Medicare for All Northern Illinois, an Our Revolution local chapter.

Germaine Light

State Central Committeewoman, 15th Congressional Distric


Germaine is a retired public school teacher, having taught biology for 27 years at Mahomet-Seymour High School. She has extensive experience as a labor activist. Her first union experiences were with Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) as a city bus driver for Bloomington-Normal Public Transit and attending solidarity rallies for the Normal, IL firefighters locked in jail for striking. Germaine was a member of Mahomet-Seymour Education Association/IEA/NEA for 27 years, and held many union positions, including Area Representative, Local Treasurer, Local President for four years, Region Council Representative, Delegate to the IEA & NEA Representative Assemblies for over 10 years, IEA Grassroots Political Activist for 6 years, Region Chair and Vice Chair and IEA Delegate to Champaign County AFL-CIO Local Labor Council for 15 years. Upon retiring in 2013, she became a member of IEA-Retired. In these positions much time was and still is spent lobbying public officials, noting their responses and performance in office, helping to run candidate endorsement meetings for IEA, and organizing union members to participate. She has worked for many years to enhance community coalitions in local labor groups like AFL-CIO and Central Illinois Jobs With Justice, where she is a founding member.  

Elizabeth Lindquist

State Central Committeewoman, 16th Congressional District

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Elizabeth believes it is the party’s responsibility to find and run candidates for every office. It’s not possible to build the party if there are no candidates for them to vote for. There’s also no building of the party without ideas. The Illinois Democratic Party platform should be readily available online, as should party bylaws and policies. Active participation of the grassroots base should be encouraged. None of this will be possible without new central committee members and new leadership.

Art Bardsley

State Central Committeeman, 16th Congressional District

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In 2014, Art was elected as the Precinct Committeeman (PC) for the Winnebago County, IL Democratic Party and became 2nd Vice-Chairman two years later. He has since recruited several progressives to the Winnebago Democratic Party. During Bernie Sanders’ run for President, Art was instrumental in the Northern Illinois region helping Bernie win 8 of 9 counties, and even helping in Iowa. Art also organized what eventually became “BerniePalooza,” which was held in Rockford and he eventually ran as a Bernie delegate to the DNC Convention.

Jody Coss

State Central Committeewoman, 17th Congressional District

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After many years of seemingly small victories, it is apparent that our political system is not working for everyday Americans. It’s time for a bold progressive movement at every level of our politics. Jody would be proud to carry that message to the Democratic State Central Committee of Illinois.

Ed Klein

State Central Committeeman, 17th Congressional District

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After a lifetime of seemingly small victories, it is apparent that our political system is not working for everyday Americans. It’s time for a bold progressive movement at every level of our politics. Ed would be proud to carry that message to the Democratic State Central Committee of Illinois.

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