Jesse Medina, Jr.

Our Revolution Illinois is proud to endorse Jesse Medina, Jr. for State Central Committeeman, 6th Congressional District

A custodian/maintenance worker in public schools, Jesse Medina, Jr. is a proud blue collar and working class public sector union member. As an elected union steward and member of several union-wide committees in Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 73, he is very active in the labor movement. Jesse ran as an Bernie Sanders Delegate during the 2016 Illinois Primary, receiving more votes than any other Sanders candidate in his district. He is the Vice President of the Aurora chapter of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) – a national labor union constituency group.

Not content to engage only in local efforts, Jesse has felt it his duty to go even further and lobby in Washington DC for environmental and immigration rights causes on multiple occasions, and has no plan on slowing down. In addition to his extensive experience training union members on how to get their co-workers more active in their union, he has recruited volunteers to staff door-to-door canvasses, phonebanks, and to increase voter turnout on election day. Jesse is a grassroots activist, a true progressive who supports the people's platform, and who will stand up for everyday people like you and me. He is a proud husband and father of an eight year old son who is in the 2nd grade. In his free time, he encourages his son to play soccer, often saying, “he’s the next Leonel Messi (the Argentine soccer star).”

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