Jody Coss

Our Revolution Illinois is proud to endorse Jody Coss for State Central Committeewoman, 17th Congressional District

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Jody is an RN who spent 20 years working on a busy labor and delivery unit in a large regional hospital. This is where her passion for a universal healthcare system comes from. She believes healthcare shouldn't be decided upon by insurance companies nor one’s ability to pay. She protested in front of the Federal Treasury after the financial crash in 2008. She participated in Democracy Spring in Washington DC; a demonstration organized to bring attention to getting big money out of politics and for equal voting rights. Jody went on to campaign for Bernie Sanders and attended the protests in Philadelphia during the 2016 DNC Convention. She has volunteered for Represent.Us and has co-led an Indivisible group for the last year. That group has led forums on universal healthcare, held a candlelight vigil after the tragedy in Charlottesville, registered voters throughout the county and held five die-ins to stop the repeal of the AHCA. What's the common thread? It's fighting to bring more transparency and progressive change to our government.

After many years of seemingly small victories, it is apparent that our political system is not working for everyday Americans. It’s time for a bold progressive movement at every level of our politics. Jody would be proud to carry that message to the Democratic State Central Committee of Illinois.

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