Maggie Wunderly

Our Revolution Illinois is proud to endorse Maggie Wunderly for State Central Committeewoman, 11th Congressional District

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Maggie Wunderly was one of only three people from Illinois selected to represent Bernie Sanders on the rules committee at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

She authored and presented several proposals to improve the Democratic primary process. These included proposals to eliminate superdelegates, ban corporate lobbyists from serving as superdelegates, to open primaries to independent voters, and to require party registration deadlines to be as close to election day as possible. The end result of this meeting was that the DNC agreed to create the Unity Reform Commission, which was tasked with issuing recommendations on party and primary reforms. They reported their final recommendations in December 2017, which included binding approximately 60% of superdelegates to vote in accordance with their states, making caucuses more accessible, and pushing for same day registration. Since the remaining superdelegates would be almost all current elected officials, this essentially eliminates lobbyists from being able to cast an unpledged superdelegate vote. They also recommended several reforms to make the state and national parties more transparent and welcoming. The Unity Reform Commission recommendations will be voted on by the entire DNC membership in 2018.

Maggie is a Democratic precinct committeeman and has volunteered for national, state, and local candidates. She is also on the board of a progressive organization in Kane County, which focuses on recruiting and assisting progressive candidates. Her main focus there is recruiting and training other precinct committeemen, getting progressives more involved in the Democratic Party, and being a resource for those interested in running for office.The State Central Committee is a board that votes on state party officers, DNC members, endorsements, bylaws, platform, and other Illinois Democratic Party matters. Each committee member also serves as a liaison between the state party and their congressional district.

Maggie is running for this position because she believes that the Illinois Democratic Party needs progressive grassroots representation. She wants to open up participation in the party and keep her district informed about what is happening at state level. Maggie feels strongly that the party should always strive to represent the voters, not special interests. She has pledged to stand up for the voters in her district and insist on open democratic deliberation when making important party decisions. She will put her political organizing experience to good use helping local candidates in her district.

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