Melissa Lindberg

Our Revolution Illinois is proud to endorse Melissa Lindberg for State Central Committeewoman, 5th Congressional District

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Melissa Lindberg has been a part of the leadership of Northside Democracy of America (NDFA) since its founding in 2005. Since 2011, she has served as Chair of the organization (currently Co-chair). NDFA's mission is to elect socially progressive, fiscally responsible, and ethically committed Democrats to all levels of government, and both NDFA and Melissa enthusiastically supported Bernie's campaign for president. Her background includes being an original Neo-Futurist, and an ensemble member at Stage Left Theatre for many years. She holds a PhD from Tufts University, and currently works at the University of Chicago as a mid-level administrator.

The Democratic Party of Illinois needs reform from the inside to both reflect more of the values and policies supported by Our Revolution, and escape its reputation for corruption that comes from those using the party to gain personal wealth and power at the expense of Democratic values.

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