Pamella Gronemeyer, M.D.

Our Revolution Illinois is proud to endorse Pamella Gronemeyer, M.D. for State Central Committeewoman, 13th Congressional District

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Pamella Gronemeyer, M.D. is a physician and a small business owner. She takes pride in the fact that her hard work insures that her employees have excellent health insurance for themselves and their families without paying any premium or deductible. She is an involved single payer activist who works nonstop for its implementation. She is the Co-President of PNHP IL and the Vice President of the board for the Illinois Single Payer Coalition. As an activist, she is the organizer of a progressive group in Edwardsville, IL that was begun in 2005. She has been a longtime member of PDA and is the Co-State Coordinator for PDA IL.

In her county, Pamella has been an appointed Democratic Committeewoman in Highland, IL. Since there are too few Democrats in this part of Madison County, her involvement is critical. She placed second in votes as a Bernie delegate in the 13th Congressional District and was on the DNC National Platform Committee. All of her full time employees are hired at a rate of over $15.50 per hour. As the the daughter of a now deceased father who was a proud member of the IAM, Pamella knows what labor unions do to secure the health, welfare, and livelihood of their members. She has worked to organize innumerable rallies, letter drops, petition drives, tabling at events, and documentary and educational programs. Her goal is to help develop and strengthen a progressive wing in the Illinois Democratic Party. As a physician for over forty years, she has learned to be both diplomatic and inspiring.

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