Property tax reform

Our Revolution Illinois leads fight in reforming unfair property tax assessment system

In June 2017, Our Revolution Illinois took on the fight to end the Joe Berrios Tax on working families through our early support of Fritz Kaegi. Investigations by the Chicago Tribune and ProPublica proved that the previous incumbent, Joe Berrios, had been egregiously overtaxing working class families in order to provide billionaires and big corporations major property tax breaks, while making it harder to do business in Cook County.

Our Revolution Illinois is confident that candidate-elect Fritz Kaegi will fix the broken and corrupt property tax assessment process in Cook County, and we are proud to have been at the forefront of this fight. 

As a result of Our Revolution Illinois’ organizing efforts, we won the uphill battle to unseat Joe Berrios, a victory which will have a longlasting impact in easing the burden on working families.


We need a new type of Democratic Party, persuasive reframing of political issues, and campaign finance reform so candidates who stand for the common good can be elected.

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